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At Hair Garden Salon we believe that hair really enhances a person's facial features & like a plant it should be nourished and cared for, to grow beautifully. Our passion for plants and hair was a great inspiration to open a salon where the knowledge we have can be used to help men and women look and feel their best.  

 We are commitment to continuous education for all stylists in order to keep up with the new industry norms, trends products and product use, while maintaining the integrity of the hair. By using and promoting top of the line professional products, as well as organic color allows us to deliver hair care where the integrity of the hair, the health of employees and patron as well as the environment is not compromised.  

 Hair tells a story about your passions, your confidence and your career. It brings out the subtle nuances that are otherwise hidden from us. So embrace your personal style and let us help you tell your story.  

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Our Mission

Our team at Hair Garden is committed to providing a high quality service that clients can count on to make them look and feel their best. We strive to provide our clients with a relaxed and professional atmosphere while focusing on their hair care needs. The combination of careful analysis and excellent hair care service will help to rejuvenate your spirit and your personal wellness as well as a compulsive desire for personalized and consistent customer service.